About ES2

ES2 is an innovative, professional service company whose people embody integrity and efficiency to provide simple solutions to complex building problems. Our products and services help building owners better manage their buildings for cost savings throughout the building lifecycle. For example, our skilled professionals provide Automated Logic Corporation building automation controls, energy management, and specialized HVAC services like test and balance, building commissioning, and maintenance and repair.

Since being founded in Oklahoma in 2008, ES2 has grown to 65+ employees in 3 offices across 2 states by tackling exciting projects like the building automation system in the Devon Tower and the State of Oklahoma’s innovative behavioral energy management program. Our unique projects and robust growth were recognized by Automated Logic Controls with the 2012 Dealer of the Year award.

Summary of Related Policies

Equal Opportunity Employer
ES2 does not discriminate based on race/ethnic background, color, religion, sex, gender, age, national origin, genetic information, disabilities, or any other class protected by local, state, or federal law or regulation.

ES2 follows the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy and adheres to employment-at-will concept. For those employees covered by a formal and individual employment contract, ES2 follows the provisions of that contract. For those employees not covered by a formal and individual employment contract, ES2 follows the employment-at-will concept, which does not constitute an implied contract. This concept means that either the employer or the employee may separate employment at any time for any reason with written notification.

Anti-Harassment Policy
ES2 does not tolerate any of its employees harassing ES2’s customers, contractors, or third parties doing business with the ES2. ES2 does not tolerate any of its employees involved in sexual harassment indications and/or allegations against co-workers, opposite genders, subordinates, or supervisors. Violators will be subject to investigation, disciplinary actions and eventual termination of employment if found to be out of compliance with company standards. ES2 reserves the right to withhold service to anyone who harasses the organization and/or its employees.

Privacy Policy
ES2 does not divulge, share, or sell any of a candidate’s information to others. ES2 does not release any of its employee’s personal, medical, or financial information to others unless requested or approved by the employee in writing.

Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Policy
ES2’s employees, whether full-time or part-time, must maintain confidentiality of information that they deal with as part of their work duties. They shall not divulge confidential information about ES2, its operational, or intellectual properties to ANY unauthorized third parties. Employees should not get involved in situations leading to conflict of interest. Non-compliance with this requirement can lead to termination from the job and legal action may result accordingly.